Custom Email Design

Why Custom Emails?
Branded email templates appear 100x more professional to me. I often find if I see a stock templated email from Mailchimp or a similar service I'm a little put-off. It's not that the content is bad but simply that it's not quite what it could be. Is this a big deal? Not at all, but since my own business builds brands, I need to have every public facet covered.

Custom Email Design

Many default templates are limiting. You can add custom imagery, content, and more but sadly your email template may appear very similar to competitors who utilize the same service.

Creating a custom template offers more options. You can create branded elements and use different layouts that better suit your purpose.

From a technical perspective, I like the idea of knowing what is under the hood in my emails. At the end of the day no one sees the code but being a developer I don't like creating code that isn't efficient or functional out of the gates. Many default templates from a service such as Mailchimp are tried and tested. This makes sending emails to your subscribers a breeze. Sadly, If you want more control you need to reinvent the wheel in some cases. This is where Raicampaigns for Emails comes into play. You can read more about how it all works and or check out our tutorial for more information.

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