How do I add more subscribers to list

How To Import Your Email List On

How To Configure And Grow Your Email List On

Once your email list is created, next step is to start importing your subscribers into the list. In order to do so, just click on your list title from lists area,
then click on the Tools box, followed by the Import box.
You will be allowed to import from a csv file, a text file or from another database as described here.

This is a common question and even though the answer is very very simple, for a reason or another, seems that many people get confused on how they can achieve this, so i will illustrate this, step by step with images.

Step 1: Login as a customer into your account and go to your lists at here
At your List, You can choose any column to hide or unhide

import or add more subscribers

Step 2: Click on icon import to go to import subscribers


Step 3: Choose one of the import options depending on the file you need to upload:

That’s it, once you select the file, the import will start and your subscribers will be imported into your list. it is the same with export your subscribers

To update your subscribers on your website to Raicampaigns, you will have to style the forms below to match the place where you embed them.
Or you can create better forms by using the PHP-SDK and connect to the provided api.

Go to Dashboard / Lists / Name your list / forms / Embed list forms like these photo

How To Configure And Grow Your Email List

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